Post- Beauty Treatments

Waxing Post Care

  • If possible, please schedule your next appointment before you leave. Keeping on a schedule will help you to maintain smooth skin and will greatly decrease the hair that grows back.
  • Stay out of the sun and tanning beds the day of your waxing and make sure you use sun block.
  • Wait 48 hours, then continue exfoliating every day. This will help remove excess dead skin cells trapped and reduce the of an ingrown hair.
  • Unfortunately, even with the best precaution, sometimes you will still get an ingrown hair. If you get an infected ingrown use a q-tip and apply hydrogen peroxide to the area. This will kill the infection.
  • Do not pick! Picking causes scars.
  • Avoid sun, exercise, pools, hot tubs, saunas, or anything that will raise your core body temperature and cause you to sweat for 48 hours.

Facial Post Care

  • Because a facial pulls impurities deep within your skin to the surface, you may break out in the hours—or even days—following your treatment. Flushing and redness is very likely to occur. This is usual due to increased circulation in the face.
  • If you aren't used to chemical exfoliation, some skin types experience dryness or a tight feeling—especially around the nose and mouth
  • If you are not used to chemical exfoliation, you may experience some dryness or a tight feeling, especially around your nose and mouth.
  • Avoid additional exfoliation or using any AHA & BHA products for several days post facial.
  • Stay out of the sun & tanning beds. It is a good idea to wear SPF too.
  • Don’t pick! Picking can cause scarring and/or hyper-pigmentation.

Your skin is more vulnerable and sensitive during this time, so give it a rest from:

  • Working out
  • Saunas or steam rooms
  • Makeup (if you can!)

Chem Peel Post Care

Chemical Peel Pre & Post Care Instructions


  • Patients with history of herpes must pre-medicate with Valtrex.
  • Patients with active cold sores or warts, wounded, sunburned, excessively sensitive skin, healing problems, dermatitis or inflammatory Rosacea in the area(s) to be treated should be excluded from the SkinMedica Vitalize Peel because the procedure could potentially precipitate a flare up or spread the condition.
  • Patients with a history of allergies, rashes or other skin reactions may be sensitive to
  • The SkinMedica peel should bot be performed on patients with an allergy to salicylates
    (i.e., aspirin).
  • This peel is not recommended if you have taken Accutane within the past year or
    received chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • This procedure should not be administered to pregnant or breastfeeding (lactating)

What to Expect:
Patients will likely experience a stinging sensation as the peel activates on the skin. Immediately
after the peel, your skin will be light yellow. This is temporary and will fade within 1-2 hours.

Approximately 48 hours after the treatment, your skin will start to peel. The peeling process
may last a few days.

Skin may take on a sunburned appearance. Peeling and redness will last approximately three to
five days.

Pre-Care Instructions (one week before your peel):

  • Avoid the following procedures: electrolysis, waxing, depilatory creams and laser hair
    removal, and sun exposure.
  • Cease using any exfoliating products that may be drying or irritating, such as salicylic
    acid, alpha hydroxy acid and glycolic acid.
  • Pre-Care Instructions (three days before your peel):

Cease using your Tri-Retinol Complex, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, (Adapalene 0.1%) or
any products containing Retinol, AHA or BHA, or Benzoyl Peroxide.

Post-Treatment Recommendations/Prescriptive Care:

  • Leave on finishing solution until bedtime for best results.
  • Rinse skin gently (with water only) and pat dry/do not rub.
  • DO NOT PICK OR PULL THE SKIN, as scarring can result.
  • Avoid harsh cleaners or washcloths (3-7 days).

Patients with hypersensitivity to the sun take extra precautions to guard against exposure
immediately following the procedure as there may be more sensitivity following the
Do not have any other facial treatment for at least two weeks after your peel.

Daily Skincare Routine:

  •  When washing your face, use a gentle, non-soap cleanser (we recommend the
  • Obagi Gentle Cleanser available here at Flawless Faces).Cease the use of exfoliating scrubs for at least one week after your peel.
  •  Apply Acquafor twice per day or as often as needed to relieve dryness and
  •  Use a sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight for at least one week.
  •  You may resume the regular use of retinol, alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) products or
    bleaching creams only after the peeling process is complete.
  •  Warning signs of problems include severe redness, swelling, blistering, burns,
    ulcers, pain, or signs of infection. Notify us immediately if you see these.

Follow Up-Recommendations

We recommend one to two weeks after your peel, to have a facial to remove any existing
peeling skin and hydrate your skin deeply.

  • Continue with taking gentle care of your skin and avoid vigorous scrubbing.
  • Stay away from facial treatments until the skin is no longer sensitive.
  • May resume using retional products within 10 days.

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