Post- Beauty Treatments

Waxing Post Care

  • If possible, please schedule your next appointment before you leave. Keeping on a schedule will help you to maintain smooth skin and will greatly decrease the hair that grows back.
  • Stay out of the sun and tanning beds the day of your waxing and make sure you use sun block.
  • Wait 48 hours, then continue exfoliating every day. This will help remove excess dead skin cells trapped and reduce the of an ingrown hair.
  • Unfortunately, even with the best precaution, sometimes you will still get an ingrown hair. If you get an infected ingrown use a q-tip and apply hydrogen peroxide to the area. This will kill the infection.
  • Do not pick! Picking causes scars.
  • Avoid sun, exercise, pools, hot tubs, saunas, or anything that will raise your core body temperature and cause you to sweat for 48 hours.

Facial Post Care

  • Because a facial pulls impurities deep within your skin to the surface, you may break out in the hours—or even days—following your treatment. Flushing and redness is very likely to occur. This is usual due to increased circulation in the face.
  • If you aren't used to chemical exfoliation, some skin types experience dryness or a tight feeling—especially around the nose and mouth
  • If you are not used to chemical exfoliation, you may experience some dryness or a tight feeling, especially around your nose and mouth.
  • Avoid additional exfoliation or using any AHA & BHA products for several days post facial.
  • Stay out of the sun & tanning beds. It is a good idea to wear SPF too.
  • Don’t pick! Picking can cause scarring and/or hyper-pigmentation.

Your skin is more vulnerable and sensitive during this time, so give it a rest from:

  • Working out
  • Saunas or steam rooms
  • Makeup (if you can!)

Chem Peel Post Care

Day 1

  • Immediately after the peel your skin will appear as if you have a “tan."
  • Your skin may appear white, pink or orange pending peel used.
  • Don't wash your face unless specified.
  • Put on SPF if it's still daylight hours and you're outdoors.
  • If extreme itchiness occurs call your provider.

Day 2

  • Use a light cleanser on skin and gently pat dry.
  • Continue to apply a light layer of soothing complex moisturizer.
  • 1 hour before bed, wash face with a mild cleanser, dry well, and apply our soothing complex lotion.
  • If extreme itchiness, or uncomfortable irritation occurs, wash with cool water.

Day 3-5

  • You will start the peeling process by seeing a slight 'shedding' of the skin, first around the mouth region, then nearby. It is very important to avoid picking & pulling at the skin during this process.
  • You can use Aquaphor to reduce the look of shedding skin.

Day 6-10

  • Continue with taking gentle care of your skin and avoid vigorous scrubbing.
  • Stay away from facial treatments until the skin is no longer sensitive.
  • May resume using retional products within 10 days.

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